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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Best kids mobile phone for your child to check his activity remotely | Child Safety

Hi. Are you looking for "Safety at home for your kid" or while he is outside home i.e at school or tuition classes or while playing out in his circle and other activities?

If you are concerned about your child safety and want to be sure if he feels safe all the time then this post is for you.

Now, it's possible to keep a track of your child's activities, track his exact location and even listen to him/ her discretely without disturbing your kid in his/her activities and from your office premises.

If you have to leave your kid at home leaving the responsibility on a caregiver while you are at the office or if you are concerned about how your kid is treated while at coaching classes then this kids phone is for you.

We are talking about India's first kid's phone especially designed and developed kids and parents in mind. This phone has mind-blowing features that do exactly how we want to keep a track of kids safety while ensuring he does not engages in the phone.

"easyfone" has come up with India's first kid phone specially designed for kids to be more safe, confident and responsible. 

Key Features of best kids mobile phone - easyfone star

1. Calls to and from preset numbers only: Only chosen contacts can call your kid and the kid can call selected people only (up to 8 contacts in total). Thus limiting unwanted people to reach your kid on phone and ensuring he does not connect to unwanted persons or dial incidentally.

2. Live and accurate location tracking via GPS.

phone for kids with live GPS tracking
Phone for kids with live GPS tracking

3. Discreetly listen to your kid's activities by calling in a discreet mode that auto answers call from your kids end enabling you to listen to him/her discreetly without making the child and caregiver aware of it. So in this way you can listen to what's going around your kid and how he is doing or being treated.

4. Auto call back: In case your child did not answer your call, you can simply use the call back feature from your phone using CareTouch app. This app will send a command to your kids phone that auto calls you back and keeps your kids phone on speaker mode so that you can talk to him/her

5. Configure the phone remotely

6. Cradle Charger that ensures a kid can charge it easily and safely.

7. Dedicated SOS / help button that triggers siren, messages and calls and sends GPS location to selected emergency contacts. In case the call is not answered it will repeat calling 3 times.

Phone for kids with dedicated help SOS button
Phone for children with SOS help button for child safety

8. Personalized settings for easy and quick calling: One of our favourite feature of this phone is that it  can be personalized with your family members photos so that even a 3-year old kid can call you by simply clicking on the pics on the phone's keypad

9. Do not disturb time zone: When configured the phone will go to silent mode for a stipulated period so that your kid can focus on his/her studies or sleep peacefully.

Other general features include Reminder and Schedules wherein a kid can set alarm and reminders.

Let's go through this video for more details because if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a thousand pics. 

The phone is available on Flipkart. Flipkart link to buy - Kid Phone

Before you go ahead and buy this phone. We at would share a piece of advice as we want to genuinely educate you about both sides of the picture and our purpose is not purely profit-making.

Word of precaution: You kid might be exposed to more radiations through mobile networks. Radiation is more harmful to kids than adults. If you go ahead then see how you can limit radiation for your kid. For example for toddler usage, you can keep it at a fixed location at least 8 feet away from your toddler so that you can still listen to him/her and the caregiver discreetly. For outdoor usage carrying it in the bag is advisable. Consider making your kid aware of radiation harms and to keep it somewhat away and handy whenever possible.

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Best Regards,

Navneet Singh Chauhan